KAOMIN 來自台灣設計,核心理念為『IGNITION』意味著突破舊有框架的火花, 燃起對新型態首飾的『可能』,在2005年3D列印技術逐漸普及,用於傳統工業的3D技術已發展出更為細緻的首飾珠寶模型,甚至已變為主流生產的形式,然而在當代美學的衝擊之下,我們嘗試新形式的開發過程,實驗不同媒材融合的可能性,賦予首飾更多樣貌及語彙,打破以往珠寶首飾的刻板印象,並致力於時尚領域與當代首飾為目標。


KAOMIN is a Taiwanese jewelry designer, an extremely experienced artisan focused in fashion jewelry and contemporary metalwork.

Kaomin takes inspiration from natural surroundings given in life. The cohesion in his work is unified through the contrast of organic, softness through (soft wax sculpture) and finishing with sturdiness (metal finishing), integrate with contemporary thinking. Kaomin insists on hand-made products for he believes each product holds its individual presence and value in the world.